Messages of the Month


 July 2024 


AI and the Antichrist




 Pastor Jimmy Evans clearly explains Satan's end time plan to use AI as the antichrist to gain worldwide control.


June 2024



 How to receive legal access to the Courts of Heaven and defeat all attacks of the Devil!



Watch Dr. Francis Myles message of how Satan has been given legal access to the Courts of Heaven to accuse and prosecute believers day and night according to Revelation 12:10.  Dr. Francis Myles will show you how to silence Satan's voice and get a verdict of innocent, contend with power against the blocking spirits that are delaying and preventing your healings, miracles, and full destiny. You’ll be equipped to speak to every need in your life and have victory over anxiety, depression, diseases, and get breakthroughs. Find confidence and boldness to move in anointing power and miracles. Get armed with prayers that are written right from the Jesus.


May 2024


A Unifying Memorial Day Message

America's Marines Singing "Days of Elijah"


There is no greater display celebrating American unity on Memorial Day than this video of American Marines singing in unison "Days of Elijah."




How Does Romans 13

Apply to American Christians on obeying Governmental Decision




What does Romans 13 teach American Christians about how God wants us to obey the Government?



A Warning from Mario Murillo 



Mario Murillo shares his recent Satanic near-death attack on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural. Satan is trying every means to stop Mario's ministry from communicating God's end-time truth to this deceived world, but Mario will not let, Satan, the great deceiver, stop him. 


April 2024


Things Animals Can Teach Us 

about Getting Along 



God created animals for one main purpose: To Teach Humans how to get along.

Please take notes :)




March 2024


These are the BEST FOODS for cleaning out your arteries!



Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Find out which 9 foods can clean out your arteries and lower your risk of heart disease.


Adding Fiber to Your Diet Reduces Alzheimer's and Dementia



Fiber is known for keeping your digestive system healthy and lowering cholesterol levels. Now, study findings suggest it also may protect the brain from Alzheimer's and dementia.  Researchers then monitored the participants for two decades to see which ones developed dementia. The study revealed that people who consumed the most daily fiber had the lowest rates of dementia. The reverse also was true — those who ate the least fiber had the highest rates. Specifically, the low-risk group consumed an average of 20 grams daily, while those with the highest risk averaged only 8 grams. (The USDA recommends that men over age 50 eat 30 grams of fiber daily.)


February 2024


You Are a Child of God


1 John 3:1 - See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know Him. Please share this video with everyone, especially our nation's FATHERLESS YOUTH!


January 2024


 "Use Your Creative God directed Gifts in 2024"


Joe Joe Dawson shares a prophetic word that will encourage you to create and build with God in 2024.



December 2023


One Solitary Life:

Jesus' World Changing Ministry Explained in 3 minutes!!



One Solitary Life is one of the most powerful short videos (3 minutes & 24 secs.) that explains Jesus' world changing ministry (by Bing Crosby & President Ronald Reagan) that you will ever see.  Please share this true meaning of Christmas with everyone. 



10 Bad Daily Habits That DESTROY Your KIDNEYS



Do you know that more than 20 million people in the United States may have some level of kidney disease, and many of them don't even know it? Kidney disease is a serious condition that can affect your heart, bones, immune system, and even your brain. It can also lead to kidney failure, which requires dialysis or a transplant to survive. But did you know that some of your daily habits you do everyday without thinking can be damaging your kidneys without you knowing about it? This video will reveal 10 daily habits that can damage your kidneys and how to stop them before it’s too late.



The Best Fruit to eat for Diabetes



I tested 20 most popular fruits and how they spike my blood sugar. If you live with diabetes and like to eat fruit this might be an interesting video for you to watch. It will help you decide what fruits to eat and what fruits to avoid in order to keep your blood glucose in check.



November 2023


The #1 Best Anti-inflammatory Food in the World




 The root cause of inflammation starts in the gut, and it’s called intestinal permeability or leaky gut. Glutamine, an important amino acid for your colon cells, is essential for this situation. The best food to fight inflammation is beef, which is very high in glutamine. Glutamine greatly supports the gut and is beneficial for inflammatory conditions. One of the best anti-inflammatory foods for vegans and vegetarians is cabbage. Cabbage, especially red cabbage, is a great source of glutamine. Other foods rich in glutamine include: • Sheep or goat cheese • Kefir • Eggs • Fish • Bone broth. 


 October 2023


Former Hezbollah Fighter Recalls Encounter with Jesus:

'God Didn't Design Us to Hate'



In early October, Afshin Javid was visiting Israel with his ministry Cyrus Call, which promotes friendship between Persians and Jews. But like millions of others, he found himself in the middle of a war when Hamas launched a bloody attack on Oct. 7. As a former Hezbollah fighter, Afshin himself is no stranger to violence. He sat down with CBN News to tell his story.




September 2023



Egg Purchase Warning!!!




There is a huge difference between the typical eggs sold at your grocery store and

pasture-raised eggs. Conventional eggs aren’t highly regulated. Even the expiration

date isn’t regulated, so they may sit on the shelf for months before you get them.

However, one of the biggest issues we want to look at is what the chickens producing

these eggs are fed. Chickens are meant to consume insects and worms. Instead,

they’re fed GMO corn and soy. What’s really shocking is that there is another ingredient

in common chicken feeds called animal byproducts or animal protein products. These

animal protein products can include: • Feathers • Organs • Blood • Skin • Manure.


August 2023


How Tart Cherry Juice Improves Sleep




 Dr. Bushra Shah of the St. Vincent Longevity Center talks about the latest findings on how drinking tart cherry juice helps prevent insomnia and other sleep disorders.


July 2023


CBN News 

Why A Spike in Sudden Deaths?



Sudden death among healthy working-age people worldwide skyrocketed over the last two years. Here in the U.S., it was up 40% during the third and fourth quarters of 2021.   The 40% spike in deaths among young people, especially working adults, was determined using the actuarial information utilized by insurance companies. The sudden death phenomenon has also been witnessed among otherwise healthy athletes.  Why is this happening?  Watch this CBN News report to find out.


June 2023


The Amish COVID Stats Are IN. Let the Truth be Known!!




Amish communities rejected COVID vaccines, refused to wear masks, and went about their normal daily activities while the rest of America was turned upside-down.

According to the CDC and mainstream media, the Amish were set to suffer from excess death due to Covid. In reality, the exact opposite happened.


The mainstream media will not touch this story because it completely dismantles the entire establishment narrative. It shows that all the COVID interventions were completely unnecessary.

While mainstream America was suffering through lockdowns, school closures and mask-related madness, the Amish returned to normal in May 2020. Read that again.


The Amish achieved herd immunity before the vaccines were even available.

Even if the vaccine worked and was safe, there was simply no reason for them to take the vaccine because 90% had already been infected in 2020. Taking a vaccine after you’ve already got natural immunity is nonsensical and counterproductive. However, in the US, we were told to get the vaccine even if we recovered from COVID. Many people lost their livelihoods if they did not comply.


How did the Amish achieve herd immunity so fast? They did the exact opposite of what the CDC recommended. They did not watch TV, they carried on with their normal lives, they got enough sunlight (vitamin D) and zinc, and they used drugs like ivermectin if they got sick.


The Amish achieved herd immunity in March 2021. So if there is a paper claiming there were excess deaths in March 2021 and beyond, we can now cite that as evidence that the vaccines don’t work. The reason is simple:


The Amish success story proves an important point: all these measures were completely unnecessary, we destroyed our businesses and economy for nothing, we set our kids education back years for no benefit, the medical community is inept, the CDC and FDA and NIH are inept, and we should not trust Biden or members of Congress who went along with the whole thing while people were shouting stop. With rare exceptions (such as Senator Ron Johnson and Congressman Bill Posey and a few others), none of them are interested in listening to the possibility that they might be wrong.


This all happened because voices of reason were silenced. Free speech, debate, etc. was tossed out the window. Any doctor who stood against the “consensus” was crushed into oblivion.  The leaders of America need to stop listening to the people they trusted, and start listening to the people they labeled “misinformation spreaders.” They got it completely backwards.


You should never trust the CDC, mainstream media, or members of Congress again until they admit their mistakes, vow never to support censorship again, and always listen to people on both sides of an issue before making a decision.



May 2023



  Where is the Fear of the Lord in the Church? 



Sid Roth's guest, John Bevere shares why Godly fear is foundational to have wisdom, understanding, knowledge, divine direction, and intimacy with God.


April 2023


Introducing ChatGPT 

Satan's tool for Achieving Worldwide Control 


Satan's End-time plan to gain digital worldwide control fully exposed!  


March 2023


A Warning to America by Rabbi Kirk Schneider


Messianic Rabbi Schneider presents both a warning and an encouraging message the Lord wanted him deliver on how Christians are to live victorious lives during difficult End Time events.



February 2023


Dolly Parton Releases a Song on Her 77th Birthday: 

God's Divine Warning to America



The song's lyrics , "I've told you time and time again, you can't disobey and hope to win. I am still the boss here, in case there's any doubt. You know I put you in this world and I can take you out."



January 2023



A Rap Song with Dr. Robert Malone explaining 

Why Things are not ADDING UP!

Watch this Rap Song video with Dr. Robert Malone explaining why things today are not adding up!



December 2022




'Go To Hell, Satan!': Sung by Dolly Parton 



Country legend Dolly Parton performed her hit song “Go to Hell Satan”  passionately rebuking the devil during prime-time TV.  

“Take your wars and your politics, your lust, and your greed, and go to hell in a hand basket, ’cause heaven waits for me,” she sang. “You’re a cheat, you’re a liar, you’re a scoundrel and a thief.  Parton danced and sang along with a choir as a man portraying Satan followed her around the stage. At one point, Parton stops to deliver the performance’s climax: a mini-sermon directed at the devil.


November 2022





Why Is God Making Me Wait?



 John Bevere shares how to have faith in God's timing, and how to stay in faith while God is preparing you for His Divine purpose.




Loretta Lynn’s final message posted Sunday October 2nd, 2022 on Facebook involved a Bible verse, John 3:20-21. It was posted Sunday morning, two days before she died peacefully at the age of 90. 


Loretta Lynn, 'Coal Miner's Daughter' icon and country singer, dead at 90


“Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed,” her post reads. “But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God (John 3:20-21, NIV).”



October 2022


Paul Wilber explains why America should observe Yom Kippur,

The Day of Atonement


With worldwide events growing darker and Yeshua's return getting ever closer, Paul Wilbur explains the vital importance of understanding and observing Yom Kippur for such a time as this.



September 2022


Mikhail Gorbachev:  the Russian atheist whose

  leap of faith brought Christianity back to Russia


While Gorbachev’s personal faith frequently was the subject of public debate, it will ultimately be his public position towards the Russian Orthodox Church that will have the greatest consequence.

He began a chain of events that today finds the Russian Orthodox Church back into the heart of power.


 August 2022


Animal love is real!




Animals are the true loving beings on this planet. We humans need to learn from them.



July 2022


The 'Star Spangled Banner' sung by Whitney Houston like you've never heard it before!



Whitney Houston sings 'The Star Spangle Banner' like no one ever will, beautiful and absolutely amazing. She didn't even strain one time, and totally knocked it out of the park!


June 2022





'God gave you a voice, use it,' says valedictorian with non-verbal autism



Valedictorian Elizabeth Bonker, who has a non-speaking form of autism, delivered an inspiring message recently to the class of 2022 during the commencement speech at Rollins College in Florida.  Bonker used a text-to-speech computer program to share her address at the May 8 graduation ceremony, for which she urged her fellow classmates to "live a life of service helping others for God."


May 2022


The Miracle of the Fetal Heartbeat




Watch this miraculous true story where a baby is reunited with its deceased mother by a familiar heartbeat.